Soccer - Injury Prevention Massage

Our extra virgin olive oil for massage, together with the other components it has, is recommended for sports and therapeutic massage, since it provides the muscles with flexibility and strength, increases venous and lymphatic circulation, also provides flexibility to the joints, tones the Musculature, relieves and reduces cramps and muscle spasms. It helps in the prevention of the appearance of lactic acid (shoelaces) and other metabolic waste. Properly applied, it helps to prevent and / or recover injuries such as contractures, tendonitis, sprains and muscle breaks.

Injury Prevention Massage For Soccer

We are going to start doing some exercises for the prevention of injuries during soccer practice.


First of all we apply 0.1 massage oil, the whole purpose is to warm up since this oil has muscle heating properties. Oil provides slide to the massage which makes it a lot easier. We are going to work the calves, from the outside to the innermost part of the calf. Kneading with the palm from below the Achilles tendon area upwards.

Towards this part called popliteus hole, little by little we will give a little more consistency and the same way we will go back down and repeat the exercise squeezing a little more. Without much pressure, constant but painless. In case of pain, it is recommended seeing an expert.

With this type of massage we relieve tension, first with the fingers and after repeating this movement around 5 or 6 times. We apply pressure by rolling our knuckles. The two largest muscles within the calves are known together as the calf muscle and attach to the heel via the Achilles tendon. it might be a little difficult to find the spot and might feel uncomfortable but it will relax the muscle.

Repeat five or six times pressing from the outside inwards, upwards and finish by massaging applying less pressure. The peculiarity of this oil is that it prevents injuries, by hydrating and heating the musculature.


We will move on now to the quadriceps, in order to warm them up, we will trace the same movement we would do with every other muscle. From the most external zone to the most Internal. Applying pressure without hurting. Once again, in case of pain, it is recommended seeing an expert, either a physiotherapist or a Chiropractor. In order to nourish the muscle to prevent injuries. It is necessary to calmly press the ligaments inwards. Applying pressure, finger by finger.

We must emphasize the pressure when feeling tense muscles always being careful, from the inside to the outside. This muscle might hurt more but this type of self massage is completely necessary to prevent injuries. We will do small circles with each finger and after we will roll our knuckles from the outside of the quadriceps to the inside.


To finish, we will work the inner parts of the thigh which are called “Hamstrings”. First we knead massage the musculature making movements from the outermost to the innermost. Towards the area of the heart to activate the blood supply and that the musculature as light as possible and at the same time, avoid injuries by heating the muscles.

This type of self massage is very interesting for before playing sports, although, after playing sports. It is also as convenient as stretching. We will apply circular pressure to the  popliteal hollow, the internal area of the knee. Towards the part of the pelvic area. Little by little kneading and pressing with the fingers towards the inside. The more tension we feel, the more pressure we apply.

Now with the knuckle we make the same pressure and towards the interior and from the inside we apply pressure and kneading. And finally, we release the muscle by tapping it a few times with our palms.

0.1 Sport Massage

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